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028: LTM’s Success Philosophy #3

July 31, 2019

After an extended break to write and publish a book with W Publishing (an imprint of HarperCollins), LTM is back with a series of podcasts on her 10 Success Philosophies. These philosophies are outlined in detail in Lindsay's new book, Boss Up: this ain't your mama's business book.

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In this episode Lindsay talks through the third of her success philosophies, which is to Tell Stories and Connect through Feeling. There's a misunderstanding among entrepreneurs that makes us believe that if we just shove images and information about our product down our potential customer's throats, eventually they'll buy. The only reason they aren't is because they don't know about us. Truly, the best way to sell a product is to understand how the human brain works. Stories are the key to your sales success, this podcast will tell you why.

Lindsay Teague Moreno
author + truth teller + momtrepreneur
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